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Revelations 11:12

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Therefore rejoice

Tami & David

We were homeless for 3 years living in our car and they helped us. They put us in a house with a roof over our head. Now we are able to take care of ourselves and take care of business.


Jerry B.

I am writing you this letter because of how good it was to have you as my care provider. Not just because you are a fantastic housekeeper but because you are thoughtful, caring, dependable, and very adaptable to my needs. You’re especially good about setting my doctor’s and dental appointments and managing my medication and any other health care I may need. You made me feel like i was apart of your family. Thank you


Cathy C.

1 year ago this month July 17th I checked myself into Vista Del Mar in Venice, CA, a dual diagnostic hospital for drug abuse and chronic depression; I was there for 1 month. When I was discharged I was homeless- I had lost everything I owned the months prior. My sweet daughter sent me a ticket to come be with her. I didn’t even have a coat and I only had the clothes I was wearing. After a few weeks in her home I became chronically ill and went into a rest home in September and remained there for 4 months. I had no one and nothing except my daughter and she was unable to take care of me due to being ill. GBY (God Blesses You) Ministry accepted me into their transitional housing and living program. I’ve been under their care and guidance since then. They provided me with unconditional love, encouragement, and understanding. Pastor Micheal Jones and his wife Andrea took me to all of my appointments gave me affordable housing, and spiritual guidance. They taught me how to talk to God and turn to Him for everything. When the time was right Pastor Jones and Andrea even moved me into their home where I rent a big beautiful room. Their family has loved me back to health.

GBY MINISTRY is a non-profit organization that I would highly recommend for anyone in transition or if you want to help make a difference in the lives of people like myself you can donate to: GBY Ministry, P.O. Box 490, Vallejo, CA 94589

I am now a productive member of society and full of gratitude to GOD and GBY


2015 I was searching for food to eat and Pastor Jones came out to offer me food. He and his wife paid for my food at Denny's. I was offered the ministry number and invited to come for a make over. i phoned the next day and was given the opportunity to reside with them for a short while, however my stay has been longer than what was expected. I felt like a fish coming out of water. I was an alcoholic for over 25 years estranged from my family. While with GBY Lazarus Living i have had the opportunity to attend church services and i have been clean from Alcohol since August 2015. The ministry has stood by me, supported me and allowed me to recover. They are my family.  I Thank God for guiding me to GBY Lazarus Living. 

Mutebe Naifu

Greetings in Christ Jesus. Greetings from Uganda,Africa. Greetings from Help Orphans Needy and Elderly Uganda.

I am glad and happy as i am writing this letter. God is all the time great and all the time God is great. On behalf of my orphanage, as the Director and Founder  of Help Orphans Needy and Elderly Uganda. We thank and appreciate the love and support from the GBY ministry family.  We were starving with no food, homeless, children had no clothes, no matress, no medication and many more needs. We thank God Almighty who brought Pastor Jones, his family and GBY ministry into our lives. We started receiving support and it changed our lives. A few years back life was more than bad  as  I thought of sending children to sleep on the streets because we had lost hope; and children were starving. But one day before I could send the children on streets I received a message from Pastor Jones that he has sent us support from GBY for food to feed the children. God is so good.

From that day we knew there is hope  and it was a day that saved these poor orphans who were homeless  and close to returning back  to the streets. Our hope increased and we received support from GBY. It will take a very long time  explaining all the great things GBY has done for the orphans and our orphanage at large.


We are proud and we pray everyday that God bless GBY ministry and the good work they are doing. May the Lord keep on providing you so that you are able to help as many as you can. In Jesus's name I pray. Amen!Amen!

We appreciate your life and support. We pray that God bless you and provide to you that one day as GBY, you will be able to visit Uganda and visit our orphanage. We can't wait for that time to come. God bless you.

Perjon & Desiree

What can we say? we've been with GBY Ministry since Feb 2010. Coming in contact with Pastor Jones and his wife was the transition and structure that our life needed. We began our journey as volunteers and although the road was long and hard we are now able to earn a living applying the principles learned at GBY. We learned that being a servant is a lowly position-it is actually the best place to be. When we first came into the fold we had no idea just how blessed our life would be by being obedient (even when we didn’t want to). In 10 years We've gone from homeless and hungry to being able to sustain our family of 6.  I started  working as secretary, and my husband worked as Donation Coordinator  for GBY in Shreveport, LA ; to now overseeing certain operations while here in Vallejo, CA. They really do look out for their own. We’re all one great big family. 

 If you ever have an opportunity to sit with the man and woman of God, take it to heart. They give emotional and spiritual support beyond any organization that I’ve ever come into contact with seeking nothing in return. They are a true testament of practicing what they preach. Every soul is a soul worth saving. 

Thank you GBY Ministry for your continued support of our family.


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