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“Outreach for Your Soul:

It begins with GOD and ends with You!”


We are proposing to offer transitional housing for a period of 9 months not to exceed a period of 18 months. The transitional housing being offered is to provide adequate shelter while preparing for permanent housing. We will offer life skills training, case management, referrals for social services.  



At GBY we offer long term shared room and board.

GBY Application CLICK HERE


The population that we serve are the severely homeless men and women here in Solano County and our other locations. The demographic of the men and women 25 and above are those who are in desperate need of assistance.  According to the Homeless Census and Survey men account for 57% of those who are homeless and women 43%.  We plan to serve men and women alike regardless of age, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and/disability.


And the Lord said unto the servant, go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in that my house may be filled. -Luke 14:23

GBY Ministry was born in the belly of Pastor Micheal Jones. Life had him in a whirlwind of illegal activities with no sense of direction of how to get out; neither was there evidence of real help offered. Even while in the turmoil, he always knew that GOD had another plan for him. GBY Amen!!! was the way he signed his letters while incarcerated. The greatest thing that could have happened for him was getting to know YESHUA (Jesus Christ) for himself. His love and drive for serving people comes from him knowing what it is like to not have a rock-solid support system. Since he knows what its like ato be counted out and hopeless; he wants others in similar situations to know they are never alone. He has gone from being homeless and hungry in the very streets that he wishes to serve. He is now celebrating years of sobriety. 

In his sobriety he is experiencing the love of YESHUA (Christ) in his relationship with his wife, Andrea. They have gone from illegally living in an office building to owning several properties dedicated to being of service to the community. By the grace of GOD he has worked hard on mending the broken relationships with his children which made way for him to have an outstanding relationship with his grandchildren. Now he has made his way from the San Francisco, Bay Area to the Southern States. With GOD nothing is impossible. He knows the power of the Holy Ghost and how he changed his life and is willing to walk with you hand in hand through the impossibility’s life throws at you-You don’t have to go through it alone.

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